When your purchase anything from Cincinnati Overstock either online or in our showroom, you can choose to pick up the item(s) yourself or you can choose local delivery. If you choose delivery, there will be a separate charge. Delivery charges are calculated by mileage and will vary. Should you desire assembly assistance for items that require it, you can purchase assembly service for an additional fee. Ask your sales representative for more information when setting up your delivery.
The 3rd party delivery service delivers locally within 45 miles or less from either our West Chester, OH location or our Florence, KY location.
Scheduling Delivery:

Once your item/s are received at our warehouse, we notify our third-party delivery service that your item/s are ready for delivery. They will contact you within 72 hours to schedule delivery of your item/s for the next available route in your area. The delivery service handles all scheduling of deliveries.

Please measure before you buy and make sure your purchase will fit in your home.  On occasion, items purchased will not fit in a customer’s home and will be subject to a 25% restocking fee upon return to our warehouse.  The customer has the option to receive a full in-store credit (minus delivery fees) to be used to reselect another product from us or if the customer does not want to reselect, there will be a 25% restocking fee assigned before the rest of the balance is refunded. If the delivery service is unable to fit your items into your home, they have the option to offer the customer a liability waiver in order to attempt to “force” your items inside.  If they are unsuccessful, the customer will be subjected to repair fees if the furniture returns with damage. 

Should there be damage to your product undetected at the time of delivery, it must be reported to our Warranty Department, via email, within 48 hours of receiving your item/s. No repair or replacement is possible after that time. The only exception to this policy is a manufacturer defect (internal damage) that cannot be seen by the customer at the time of delivery.  

Please make sure the room your item/s are being placed in is cleared out and prepared for your items as the delivery service will not move your personal furniture that is already in your home. 

The delivery service will not deliver any product to a location that is unattended.  A packing slip acknowledging receipt of your product must be signed and dated at the time of the delivery. 

Pick Up and Inspection:
West Chester, OH Pick Hours are Thursday – Monday 11am – 6:40 pm.
Florence, KY Pick Hours are Saturday and Sunday only – 11 am – 6:40 pm.
A photo ID is required to pick up your items. If someone other than the customer listed on the order is picking up the item/s, please provide us with the name of the person picking up for you. This will help to protect you and your purchase. It is your responsibility to inspect your product at the time of purchase. Any damage that occurs during customer pick-up and transportation is the sole responsibility of the purchaser. Once the customer agrees that the furniture is damage-free, Cincinnati Overstock Warehouse is no longer liable for any damage that occurs to your item/s. The only exception to this policy is a manufacturer defect (internal damage) that cannot be seen by the customer at the warehouse at the time of pick-up because the view is blocked by the product’s upholstery. (Example of this type of damage: non-visible structural damage to the frame of the furniture). Because of the number of parts and pieces included in the boxes of dining sets (chairs and tables), dining chairs or bar stools, bed rails, unassembled tv stands, unassembled office desks/bookshelves, mirrors, and bunk beds we do not perform an inspection at the time of pick-up. Any damage must be reported to our warranty department, via email, within 48 hours of receiving your item/s. No repair or replacement is possible after that time. 

All pick-ups at our Florence, KY location must be scheduled in order to avoid potential delays at the pick-up location.  Pick-ups are scheduled in Florence on Saturdays and Sundays only between the hours of 11 am – 6:40 pm.

We will notify you when your item/s are available for pickup in Florence and you can either text us from our homepage or call our Customer Service Department at 1-888-822-4033 to schedule a pick-up time. Please keep in mind that if you have chosen to pick up item/s from our Florence location, your ETA is for the arrival of your products at our West Chester, OH warehouse. We transfer these item/s from West Chester to Florence, free of charge, for our customers every week. This may, however, add a few days to your ETA to include the transfer time of your purchased product/s. If you would like to pick up your purchase as soon as it arrives, you can choose to pick it up at our West Chester location. Otherwise, we will transfer your item/s for you and you can pick up your item/s at our Florence, KY location. If you request that your purchased item/s be picked up at our Florence location and then change your mind and want your purchased item/s delivered or to be picked up at our West Chester locatio,n a $50 reverse transfer fee will be added to your total purchase. 

Online Orders

Online orders are processed manually by our Customer Service Team. Before processing your order, we will determine if the item(s) you have ordered are in stock. If your item(s) are in stock, we will process your order and email you a copy of your sales order. If your items are not in stock and need to be ordered, we will text or email you with an estimated arrival time (ETA). If you approve of the ETA, we will process the order at that time. If you do not approve of the ETA, your order will not be processed and will not require a refund. Please allow 24 hours for our Customer Service Team to contact you. If you have any questions regarding your online order, please contact our Customer Service Team at (888) 822-4033 or text us on our homepage.