6 Living Room Furniture Must-Haves for Your Home

Living room furniture near West Chester, OH, and Florence, KY

Whether you appreciate minimalism or like the feeling that a maximalist design brings to your living room, there are certain must-have pieces of living furniture that every homeowner should own. Items that can take the style and performance of your space to the next level are sofas, lighting, accent chairs, rugs, end tables, and wall art.

The best part? Cincinnati Overstock Warehouse has all the items you need to deck out your home with the best living room furniture near Florence, KY. Our team can’t wait to share with you some of the benefits of getting foundational and accent living room furniture for your home!

#1 Comfortable Sofas for Your Living Room

Your living room needs a comfortable sofa so you can sit and relax after a long day. Whether you prefer unwinding while watching TV, curling up with a book, snuggling with a pet or loved one, or enjoying a nap, you need a sofa that’s your go-to spot. Living room sets make it easy to choose comfortable options that look great together for a better price than if you purchase them individually. Our living room sets include a couch and a loveseat or a sectional, with reclining options available for those who want them.

#2: Lighting for Your Living Room

Even if your windows supply natural light all day, once the sun sets, you need table lamps or tall floor lamps for the living room. They bring in that light, add a decorative element, and can even set the mood. Stylish as well, you can find living room lamps in various colors and styles to complement your existing furniture.

#3: Living Room Chairs

Your living room needs at least one extra chair. An accent chair is essential whether you read in it, nap in it, or save it for guests. It provides additional seating, adds color and style, and rounds out the room. For your living room chair, consider something with a different color, pattern, or texture than your living room set.

#4: Living Room Rugs

Even if you have carpet, adding a living room rug makes the room look more put-together. Area rugs are an excellent way to hide carpets you dislike and create individual living spaces in an open-concept home. If you have wood flooring, living room rugs add warmth and color to the room and can prevent furniture legs from scraping the floor. Area rugs also bring texture, making the room look warmer and increasing visual appeal.

#5: End Tables for Your Living Room

Selecting accent tables, or end tables, for your living room is another way to add a decorative item that’s also practical. Whether you use it for your home décor, current novel, lamp, or drink is up to you. Select contemporary, modern, or traditional end tables for your living room. To add even more functionality, choose a living room end table with built-in drawers for additional storage.

#6: Wall Art for Your Living Room

Art completes a room. It transforms bare walls and makes them interesting, vibrant, and colorful. You can exchange living room wall art for the months or the seasons, choosing something abstract in winter and something floral in summer. Wall art for your living room can include: 

  • Paintings
  • Murals 
  • Photos
  • Sconces
  • Tapestries
  • Mirrors

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