How to Update Your Growing Child’s Bedroom

Children’s bedroom furniture in a home near Cincinnati, OH, and Florence, KY

One day, your baby is crawling around, sticking everything in their mouth, and the next thing you know, they’re leaving for kindergarten. As you look around the bedroom, you realize it no longer reflects their needs and development, and it’s time for an update. Cincinnati Overstock Warehouse carries high-quality furniture at wholesale prices, so you can find a bunk bed for kids, kid’s table and chairs, kid’s bookshelf, kid’s desk, and other items to create a dreamy bedroom for today and many tomorrows. Here’s how!

#1 Swap Out the Bed

Whether your child is transitioning to their first “big kid” bed or what you have isn’t working anymore, we have options. The number of kids you have, whether they’re sharing a room, and the size of the bedroom can impact which type of bed you select.

  • bunk bed for kids is an excellent option if you have multiple kids in one room. It frees up space in the rest of the room, which is especially valuable in a small bedroom.
  • A kid’s loft bed allows each child to have their own space, and the area beneath can become a private escape.
  • If you have a larger room, a kid’s twin bed is big enough to last your kids through high school!

#2 Add a Space for Playtime and Schoolwork

Use a kid’s table and chairs to set up a space where they can do homework, color, draw, assemble puzzles, write, build building block creations, or play independently. Not only can this foster quiet independence, but it can give Mom and Dad a break, too. Consider a desk space for each child if you have several kids in one bedroom. Kid’s desks can fit great under a loft bed!

#3 Create a Reading Nook

If you sprung for a loft bed, you can create a reading nook in the lower portion of the loft. Another option is a swing that hangs from the ceiling or a corner with a comfy chair. Use a colorful rug to create a separate space, add comfy pillows, and fill a kid’s bookcase with various books. Consider a dedicated section for library books to avoid fines. Hang a string of lights or a nice clip-on for beautiful lighting.

#4 Bring Color, Art, and Personality

You may not love your child’s color choices, but letting them choose paint colors, artwork, and comforters makes the room feel like theirs. Work with them to create a comfortable room that they’re proud of by incorporating:

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